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Fitbit Charge 3 vs. Fitbit Alta HR: Which should we buy?

Fitbit Charge 3 vs. Fitbit Alta HR: Which should we buy?

Our Pick

Fitbit Charge 3

Compact alternative

Fitbit Alta HR

The Fitbit Charge 3 offers all of a health-tracking goodies we could ask for while also mixing some smartwatch-like facilities such as mobile payments, apps, and full phone notifications.

$149 – $169 during Fitbit

If we wish a simple aptness tracker that doesn’t try to do too much, that’s a Alta HR. It has a good battery, heart-rate monitoring, and can lane a accumulation of workouts. However, that’s about where a review ends.

$129 during Fitbit

The Charge 3 is Fitbit’s latest and many absolute aptness band. It has all of a health facilities you’ve come to pattern while also adding some greatly-appreciated smartwatch-like features. If we don’t caring about those and wish to save some cash, a Alta HR is still a unequivocally good product.

How do these dual aptness bands compare?

If you’re in a marketplace for a wearable that’ll lane your daily activity and assistance we lead a healthier life, a Charge 3 and Alta HR are both well-equiped in these regards. Both aptness bands count your steps, calories burned, stairs climbed, distance, and more. Each marks a accumulation of opposite workouts and come given with a heart-rate guard that’ll keep tabs on your ticker all-day long.

Both a Charge 3 and Alta HR have an glorious substructure for simple aptness tracking.

The Charge 3 and Alta HR also share a same superb battery life that’s rated for adult to 7 days on a singular assign and can lane your nap if we wear possibly one via a night.

Where a Charge 3 gets a upper-hand is with some-more notation health features. Unlike a Alta HR, a Charge 3 has a 5ATM water-proof rating that allows we to wear it in a pool so we can lane your swimming. There’s also guided respirating sessions to assistance we redeem after a prolonged examination and a ability to see sum on your menstural cycle if you’re regulating Fitbit’s womanlike health tracking tools.

The Charge 3 also gets an corner when it comes to non-fitness features. Although a Alta HR can uncover simple call, text, and calendar appointment notifications from your phone, that’s about it. The Charge 3, on a other hand, retrieves any presentation your phone gets and even allows we to send off discerning replies to texts, WhatsApp messages, etc.

Also, while a app preference for a Charge 3 isn’t anywhere tighten to what you’ll find on something like a Apple Watch, it does have simple apps for checking a weather, your calendar, environment an alarm or timer, and more. Lastly, if we opt for a Special Edition version, you’ll get entrance to Fitbit Pay that allows we to compensate with a Charge 3 anywhere that accepts NFC payments.

Our pick

Fitbit Charge 3

A absolute aptness tracker that does it all.

Thanks to a 7-day battery and good design, a Fitbit Charge 3 is one of a best aptness bands around. Combine that with a vast display, app support, Fitbit Pay, and full phone notifications, and we finish adult with one heck of a wearable.

  • $149 – $169 during Fitbit

Basic option

Fitbit Alta HR

Less smarts for reduction dollars.

If we don’t wish a additional smarts of a Charge 3 and only wish a arguable aptness rope that lasts a full week on one charge, marks a accumulation of exercises, and costs a bit less, a Alta HR is still value considering.

  • $129 during Fitbit

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